Panic Alarm

The safety alarm can be worn on a keychain, around the neck or under your clothing, and provides a quick and easy way for women (and men alike) to send an alert message to friends and family, giving location information


Fall Detection

Should the alarm detect a fall powerful enough to knock someone out, it will automatically activate an emergency SOS.Includes 10 second delay in case of false alarms.

Go Anywhere

Working off the 3G cellular network, it works New Zealand wide –  in the home, in a warehouse, shopping mall or out jogging in the park.

Personal Safety Alarm & Personal Security

A lot of us take personal safety for granted. But the reality is that bad things can happen anywhere anytime- and it’s important to be prepared for them. So it’s good to know that with our personal safety alarm you are never alone, whether you’re walking home late at night, jogging by yourself, feeling unwell, or in a dangerous part of town. That’s because with just one press of a panic button, you can send an alert to up to 5 different friends or family alerting them that you need help.

With the help of the phone’s positioning system, the Personal Alarm automatically sends your position wherever you trigger an alarm. With secure operation, simultaneous communication via both SMS and voice to voice communication (optional setting), you can feel confident in knowing that help is on its way.

New Zealand Best Go Anywhere Safety Alarm

It operates on the 3G GSM network which covers 98.5% of the populated areas of New Zealand. This personal safety alarm (Evo7) was awarded the Reddot award in 2015, it is German designed with Swiss precision GPS technology.

$386 including tracked delivery

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